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Get more customers online without paying for advertising.

What does an SEO Agency do?

SEO (search engine optimization) that your company comes out among the first organic results in Google when your ideal client searches for your product or service on the internet. Organic results are not advertising, so the clicks you get are free. An SEO agency helps you get to those top organic spots.

Benefits of organic positioning

Increase your sales:

Either directly through eCommerce or through leads generation, SEO services are designed to attract highly qualified leads increasingly and exponentially.

Online branding:

SEO strategies are based, among other things, on the generation of blog content. This content spreads and ends up impacting thousands of people every day who, before reading you, did not know you existed.

Improve your sales closing:

Your content, based mostly on educational content, helps users understand your company’s products and context much better, which favors a common language and, therefore, easier sales closings.

Safe investment:

Investing in SEO is a solid and long-term investment strategy that, unlike advertising, when executed correctly, can increase sales from online channels by more than 400%.

SEO consulting


Depending on the size of your site and if you want to have an SEO strategy always up to date, it will be necessary for you to have an expert on hand inside or outside to give you a general guide on what steps to follow to improve your organic positioning, especially in some of the following situations:

SEO audit

This process consists of a detailed analysis of the most important aspects of your SEO strategy, from your site’s usability to the quality of your web infrastructure, going through reviewing your content and the quality of your backlinks. We will give you a synthesized and very clear report of what is right or wrong with your site, as well as all the things that must be done to improve.

SEO on-site

With this service, we will improve the implementation of your content strategy, the indexing, and the authority of your site, through all the optimization actions that can be carried out to improve its positioning, including improvements in the content structure, organization, and hierarchy. Information and settings help you communicate better with Google, such as those made in Google Search Console.

Link building or SEO off-site

Although there are some other external factors to improve the positioning of your website, the most important are the backlinks: based on a deep analysis of which sites are the most suitable, we will carry out a strategy to get some external links directed to your website, attracting qualified traffic, giving authority and improving its relevance.

Content creation

As part of a content plan, we will create blog posts, videos, or graphic materials (such as infographics) completely oriented to fulfill the brand’s organic positioning strategy (SEO). We have expert SEO writers in several countries who produce multimedia content in various dialects of Spanish, English, and French.

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